G3 Baseball Academy | About G3
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About G3

Who We Are

Grand Ground Ground Breakers, Inc. Baseball Academy (G3) is a non-profit organization geared at providing the “Holistic” development of our youth through baseball, academics, spiritual grounding, community involvement, physical fitness and mental toughness. Our goal is to introduce/reintroduce the love of baseball back in inner city youth; in an effort to provide the necessary guidance and exposure that will aid them to get to the next level both academically and athletically while creating model citizens.

What We Do

G3 provides year round baseball and enrichment activities for youth ages 3-18 geared at the strategic development of all ball players in the organization from the developmental, recreational, intermediate and the competitive athlete. President and Founder Marlon Christie created G3 with the intent of providing our young leaders with the total baseball experience both on and off the field.

Why We Do It

Through playing, coaching, spectating and providing baseball instruction over the years in The District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV area), G3’s President Marlon Christie realized that our youth were not properly instructed as it pertains to the fundamentals of baseball and high level competition.



If you are interested in the true and “Whole” baseball experience please contact Marlon Christie