G3 Baseball Academy | Player Evaluations
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Player Evaluations

Groundbreaker’s Baseball (G3) is in search of motivated families and young leaders willing to sacrifice, work hard, and play hard to achieve their goals. Our organization is not just looking for athletes who can play the game of baseball. We are looking for young leaders who possess the right Attitude, Behavior, and Character (ABC) required to succeed in life on and off the field. Our evaluators will be watching everything a ballplayer does and/or does not do on and off the field throughout the player evaluation period. So, (A) be on-time, (B) be prepared, (C) be focused, and (D) and show effort.

Evaluation Rules

  • Be on Time
    • No excuse for being late. Call if you will arrive late
  • Be Prepared
    • Baseball Apparel – cap, jersey/shirt, pants, cleats
    • Equipment – fielders mitt, 1stbaseman mitt, catchers gear, bat
    • Completed forms – player registration and medical waiver
  • Be Focused
    • Pay attention and follow instructions
    • Hustle to and from stations – hurry up and wait for instruction from evaluators
  • Do not show emotions…
    • If you make a mistake, let it go and move on (mental toughness)
    • If you make a great play, do not show excitement…make routine plays forgettable
  • Show Effort
    • Throw hard…Run hard…Swing hard
    • Give maximum effort regardless of success or failure

Player Evaluation Scoring

Tangible – Evaluation events (speed, infield/outfield, hitting) young leaders will be individually scored and rated on a scale of 1- 5 with 5 being the highest possible rating

Intangible – Personal characteristics, such as hustle, effort (heart), are subjective and will be accessed by each evaluator and discussed among evaluators during the team selection process.

Below is the format for Evaluations:

Player Check-in


Speed Test



Parent Debrief