G3 Baseball Academy | The Founder
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The Founder

Our goal is to develop the holistic male one step at a time by introducing/reintroducing and sparking the love of baseball back in inner city youth; in an effort to provide the necessary guidance and exposure that will aid them to get to the next level both academically and athletically while creating model citizens.
G3 graduates will become productive and contributing members of society who bring along their communities by ensuring all youth (from this point on we will refer to the youth as leaders) are afforded the opportunity and forum to excel such as them.
With this objective in mind I created G3 with the intent of providing our young leaders with the total baseball experience both on and off the field. Over the past two years, we have been very successful and instrumental in our young leaders’ lives by winning both on the field and in the classroom as well as showing our presence in the community. In order for us to continue to be successful in accomplishing such feats, it requires fundraising by seeking the assistance of potential donors who believe in our youth and desire to support them both with their time as well as through financial contribution.
We are committed to keeping the financial commitments of families to a minimum. Our intent is to prepare our young leaders to think about becoming a collegiate student athlete. This will be achieved through academic and baseball instruction, life skills training which we have labeled “pocket training”, cultural and community awareness, and by providing them with uniforms, training gear, travel gear, team equipment and accessories, as it is our belief that if you look the part you will most likely step up to the challenge of being the part. Our budget also includes playing in tournaments and leagues in and out of the city as well as procuring our own modes of transportation for the organization.
In addition, we will infuse field trips alongside our travel schedule for tournaments to ensure our young leaders are developing cultural and community accountability. This will be achieved through educating our young leaders about the country’s history as well as their own history as it relates to the struggle and plight of our communities and why it is so important for them to succeed and support their native communities.
 This serves as an overview of the work G3 is committed to executing with our young leaders by utilizing baseball as a conduit. It requires all to pull in the same direction to change the mindset of our young leaders and catapult them forward. We are asking for your support and pray that we have sparked your curiosity to learn more about G3 and our mission. Our G3 mantra is Perseverance, Accountability, Integrity, Discipline (P.A.I.D) which all our young leaders recite after every engagement.  
To be a champion, you have got to believe you’re a champion,
Marlon Christie
President & Founder